About NB TorrentCreator

NB TorrentCreator provides a cross-platform C# .NET application for creating torrents from files or folders. Using the MonoTorrent libraries, NB TorrentCreator provides a wrapper to the torrent creation features this library provides. The libraries are open-source and the source code for the NB TorrentCreator is freely available for download from this site. Some key features which set this application apart from the rest:

Download and Execute

NB TorrentCreator is tested on Microsoft Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. However other versions of Windows and Linux should be fully supported as well if you satisfied these requirements:

For windows, double clicking the executable should open the program. For linux, running mono NBTorrentCreator.exe in the command prompt should launch the program. Below are the executables and source code for NB TorrentCreator:

NB TorrentCreator

(source code)

v1.0.0.3 The main executable. This is a stand alone program, no installation is necessary. Source code is written in C# and available as well.
The MonoTorrent Library used is v0.90 stable (built 2011-02-01).

Troubleshooting Linux:


For any questions or bug reports please contact me at cody@codybrown.ca.

NB TorrentCreator

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