CPSC 521
Assignments and Projects

Name: Cody R. Brown


Project 1 - September 17, 2008
A simple 2-D N body simulation. This is implemented through a ring communication with MPICH. It was also expanded to use MPE graphics to colour and display these nbodies.
     v0.9 - Initial
     v1.0 (submitted) - Fixed bug with colour management with large number of processors, and security handle on MPE graphics.
     v1.1 - Updated MPE to remove the previous particles (no tailing of the coloured particle paths).
     v1.2 - Added Odd/Even - Send/Recv swap to avoid deadlock with messages larger than buffer size.

Project 2 - October 15, 2008
Essay on a research issue. The report goes into details about how to implement a serverless world in respect to a MMOG P2P. It touches on topics involving implementation, authentication, security, storage and communication.
     v1 (submitted) - Initial
     v2 - Fixed suggested corrections to the report.

Project 3 - November 10, 2008
MPI Library Proposal. This is a proposal for SMOLDD: A Sparse Matrix Operation Library specializing in Data Distribution. The library will be implemented in Python (as a module) using mpi4py and will be designed specifically for efficient sparse mapping of the data to processors. One more design goal for the module is the easy-of-use allowing serial algorithms which would like to perform parallelize sparse matrix operations. SMOLDD will hopefully accomplish this with minimal alterations to the serial code.